Monday, December 13, 2010

Wiki Freaks!

At the risk of upsetting some of you and going against the growing tide of support for a recently made public figure. I'm going to disagree with many on the whole pro-Wikileaks issue.

A military private who sells/gives out information he has been entrusted with – how can any military reliably do it's job then?

Now, as for the wee Wiki Prick -  sure, I will stop short at referring to Assange as a 'terrorist'. I think that's a bit of a laugh to take him that seriously.

But I do believe the site should be shut down and I do believe there is no global benefit in this wee shit publishing everything he can get his grubby wee hands on just to show off how easily info can be stolen.

I don't see Assange as anything more than one of those snivelling wee bastards in a school playground who gets his jollies out of airing everyone else's dirty laundry to those of us who don't really want to see it. In the school playground he gets his way with the other kids because they all want to avoid public ridicule, but in the end they'll get their own back.

He does need his ass kicked. And the shit he's publishing - I'm not the slightest bit interested in it. I'm NOT going to join the throngs of people standing in aw of the info and go, "Oooohhh waaaahhh! Dat's naughty naughty stuff, Mr Politician!"

What's new about his publishings?? …

Politicians lie, backbite and get caught out/redfaced. Really?? THAT's NEWS???

Dodgey things happen during war??? Really?? THAT's 'NEWS'???

Spies say and do mean and nasty things??? Oh shit! Call the press immediately!!!

For fuck's sake!

If a nation's information security is compromised, find the source and shut it down before some poor soldier gets his ass tortured to death or before informants AND THEIR INNOCENT FAMILIES die!

Assange is NOT a 'journalist' or a hero. And he sure as fuck isn't a 'victim' of anything.

He put his neck out. What did he expect, a ticker tape parade???!

Suddenly the Media are all jumping to his defence because it's started to hit them that if he gets done, then – oh shit, precendence!! Then they too are actually going to have to be responsible and factual about what they publish themselves in the future. And we can't have that can we???!

The world's media/paparazzi sees itself as untouchable and not answerable to anyone. It sees itself as having the right to an unimpeded window into EVERYBODY's life and wears that as a badge of honour!

I've personally never been a big fan of the self-licensing so-called 'freedom' of the press/media. I enjoy minding my own business.
Also, this Assange's attitude to women, (slimey wee bastard that he is), seems to suck enough to get his ass in the shit in Sweden. The Swedes may be ditzy, but their not that daft. And they love their 'neutral' status in the globe too much for the rape charges to be bogus. The guy is a friggin SLEAZE!

Having had some military service, I understand the need to keep one's friggin mouth shut. Yes, there are times that isn't a good thing and the truth needs to come out. But so far, this wee shit hasn't done anybody the slightest bit of good. I hate war but if we must have them, then soldiers need to know someone has their back!

Open up a snitch website and suddenly you're a 'journalist'!

Underhandedly get/obtain/hack/break-into access to documents that any other person would be arrested for and suddenly you're the Media's own celebrity martyr with a following that Charles Manson would be proud of.

Christ! I've had enough of listening to the hype about this weedy little boy who probably didn't get accepted into the swimming/sports team at school. Or maybe his Ma didnae breast feed him enough. Awww gee.

More like Wiki-WEAK!

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  1. Couldn't agree more, John, we all know 'journalistic ethics' is an oxymoron ... but I do object to them calling his so-called crime worse than that of rapists & child molesters & murderers and wife-beaters & torturers & slave traders. Slap him on the wrist, fine him, laugh at him, incarcerate the fool if absolutely necessary, but the death sentence? ... terrorist? pa-leese! I agree wholeheartedly on your point on national security, but I don't feel the slightest bit perturbed for a couple of embarrassed politicians.
    I believe if you do the crime you should be prepared to do the time (same goes for govt officials with foot-in-mouth disease), and if you blab secrets in the playground, then you should expect a little flak, but this whole thing is a beat up because red-faced pollies have been caught saying mean things about their colleagues in the school yard, and now they're spitting the dummy.... perhaps they should engage brain before speaking in future? (or is that too much to ask?)
    Anyway, keep up the blogging Mr V ... good old article 19.